Say goodbye to digital eye strain.

Digital Eye Strain

Are your eyes paying the price for spending several hours per day on your smartphone, laptop or work computer? By committing as little as two hours per day to screen time, you are highly likely to show symptoms.

So what can you do? Digital eye strain is an irritating condition, and prolonged exposure to short wavelength blue light (like the kind that comes from your computer monitor) can increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, we recommend lenses with an Essilor Prevencia coating.

Having said that, some serious eye diseases exhibit symptoms similar to eye strain, so visit our practice for an eye health exam and confirmation of your diagnosis before trying to relieve symptoms.

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What Causes Eye Strain?

When looking at any object, or reading text, our eyes cleverly focus so that we can perceive that object clearly. Our focusing muscles, when fatigued, struggle to perform this task efficiently and this manifests itself as the known symptoms of digital eye strain.

Using screens forces our eyes to work harder than normal, hence the increase in eye strain across Canada as our daily dependence on screens rises.

Learn to Look the Other Way – Literally

The simplest, easiest and cheapest way to reduce your symptoms is to take a 20-30 second break a few times an hour. Focus on a distant object, relax your eye muscles and then get back to work – this tiny change in routine has been proven very effective for easing mild symptoms.

In fact, most treatment options revolve around simple, easy-to-implement changes:

Desktop ergonomics


Dark room

The 20 20 20 rule

Computer glasses


While a detailed eye exam is the only way to definitively diagnose eye strain, you should be aware of any of the following symptoms:

  • Tired eyes, or an urge to rub
  • Headaches
  • Whole-body fatigue, even in the morning
  • Dry eye symptoms
  • Trouble focusing or reading large chunks of text

Particularly if these symptoms are affecting your job, you should come in for an exam. If it is eye strain, we can discuss practical changes you can make to your routine in order to overcome symptoms and, preferably, avoid recurrence further down the line.

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Halt myopia progression.


Is your child’s nearsightedness (myopia) increasing every year? We may have a way to slow down or stop that progression in its tracks.

Myopia control is a field of visual treatment which uses advanced techniques to help permanently halt myopia, or at the least slow the elongation of the globe (the main cause of myopia) to a crawl.

To learn more about myopia control, or to start treatment, book an appointment and let’s start the conversation today.

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Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a condition in which the lens of the eye grows and elongates over time. Close-up objects can be viewed more clearly than distant ones, but since the eye continues to grow, the condition becomes more and more pronounced over time.

The Downside To Lenses

How Myopia Control Works

Methods Of Myopia Control

Custom eyewear tailored to your lifestyle.

Sport, Safety & Specialty Eyewear

Work with high speed machinery? We can create prescription, protective goggles to keep you safe.

Seasoned sailor but suffer from nearsightedness? Well-secured, water-resistant eyewear coming up. Our polarized lenses will reduce glare on the water without keeping you from properly reading screens. So you’re all set to sit lake-side and read on your tablet.

Digital eye strain giving you trouble but work requires 8 hours before a screen? Your anti-glare, ultraviolet-absorbing lenses and comfortable frames will be ready in a week.

The days of eyeglasses existing purely to help you read the morning paper are long gone – today, we can help you craft sports, safety or speciality eyewear for practically any situation.


Across Canada, there are hundreds of eye-related work accidents every single day. That’s tens of thousands a year, with many of those requiring serious medical attention to prevent permanent vision impairment or loss.

90% Of Workplace Accidents Are Avoidable

Approximately nine in every ten such injuries in the workplace are avoidable. If you work with chemicals, manufacturing equipment or in any industry where your eyes could be exposed to injury, then you should definitely be wearing protective eyewear.

Ask your employer if there is no system in place – above all else, you must ensure that your eyesight is protected on the job.


Speciality frames are always tailored to an exact individual and their precise needs. That said, there are a few rules to which all speciality sports frames will conform.


Of course the design must have a precise prescription and be made to suit your activity, but they must also be comfortable. Any distraction would be detrimental to performance, so we always ensure our designs become part of the wearer; that they are barely noticeable.


Nearsightedness is a condition which is affecting a growing number of young people across the western world, possibly due to our increased dependence on digital screens. Myopia control is a focus on developing techniques to combat the degenerative nature of nearsightedness.

One of the most popular methods is the use of rigid gas permeable lenses – specialty contact lenses which reshape the cornea while the wearer is asleep called orthokeratology. This totally reversible treatment can work for children and adults, allowing them to be correction-free during the day time.

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Grow thick, long eyelashes with Latisse.

Latisse in Kamloops, BC

For most of us, nothing says feminine beauty like long, fluttering eyelashes. With so many lash enhancement products available, you could spend endless time and money trying to get the ideal eyelashes. But how do you know which products are dangerous, which ones are effective, and which ones are just an empty promise?

There’s one product that’s product that’s medically safe and scientifically proven to produce longer, darker, thicker eyelashes. That product is Latisse, and it’s available at Nicola Eye Care.


Would you like to experience Latisse for yourself? Book an appointment with us and ask if Latisse is right for you.

What is latissE?

Latisse is a simple at-home lash growth treatment that you can apply yourself. This treatment is not makeup; it’s a real medical treatment, and as such, is only available by prescription.


Eyelash Extensions


How Does It Work?

How Do I Apply Latisse?

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