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Custom Eyewear That is Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Work with high speed machinery? We can create prescription, protective goggles to keep you safe.

Seasoned sailor but suffer from nearsightedness? Well-secured, water-resistant eyewear coming up. Our polarized lenses will reduce glare on the water without keeping you from properly reading screens. So you’re all set to sit lake-side and read on your tablet.

Digital eye strain giving you trouble but work requires 8 hours before a screen? Your anti-glare, ultraviolet-absorbing lenses and comfortable frames will be ready in a week.

The days of eyeglasses existing purely to help you read the morning paper are long gone – today, we can help you craft sports, safety or speciality eyewear for practically any situation.

Safety Eyewear – Reducing the Number of Workplace Accidents

Across Canada, there are hundreds of eye-related work accidents every single day. That’s tens of thousands a year, with many of those requiring serious medical attention to prevent permanent vision impairment or loss.

Approximately nine in every ten such injuries in the workplace are avoidable. If you work with chemicals, manufacturing equipment or in any industry where your eyes could be exposed to injury, then you should definitely be wearing protective eyewear.

Ask your employer if there is no system in place – above all else, you must ensure that your eyesight is protected on the job.

Speciality Sports Eyewear

Speciality frames are always tailored to an exact individual and their precise needs. That said, there are a few rules to which all speciality sports frames will conform.


Of course the design must have a precise prescription and be made to suit your activity, but they must also be comfortable. Any distraction would be detrimental to performance, so we always ensure our designs become part of the wearer; that they are barely noticeable.

Using Speciality Eyewear for Vision Treatment

Nearsightedness is a condition which is affecting a growing number of young people across the western world, possibly due to our increased dependence on digital screens. Myopia control is a focus on developing techniques to combat the degenerative nature of nearsightedness.

One of the most popular methods is the use of rigid gas permeable lenses – speciality contact lenses which reshape the cornea while the wearer is asleep called orthokeratology. This totally reversible treatment can work for children and adults, allowing them to be correction-free during the day time.

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