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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation and Advice You Can Trust

Contact lenses and eyeglasses aren’t for everyone. In a modern world where full, permanent vision correction is not only possible, but affordable, why should they be?

If you’re interested in laser corrective surgery – whether you don’t know where to start or have already decided you are ready for the procedure – then we are here for you. We offer a special consultation service which involves a comprehensive eye health exam, prescription measurement and advice on the different types of surgery available.

Can Anyone Get Laser Eye Surgery?

Sadly, not everyone will be a valid candidate for the procedure and there are certain caveats which could mean current surgical methods are not the best choice for you. However, with the different methods available, laser surgery is a viable option for a large number of patients.

A more common obstacle is underlying illness. If you suffer from conjunctivitis, or a chronic illness such as severe dry eye, then you will probably have to stick with corrective lenses. Part of our consultation involves an eye health assessment, so we can tell you definitively if you fall into this category.

For those whose refractive error requires a powerful prescription, we may recommend remaining with lenses. When working with particularly large refractive errors, results are not as predictable but are just as permanent. It may not be worth the risk.

Your prescription must be constant. If you suffer from severe myopia (a persistent elongation of the eyeball) or for any other reason require varying prescriptions year on year, you will probably not be eligible for surgery. If your eyesight remains constant for over a year, you should be okay to proceed.

Surgery and Possible Side Effects

  • Pre-op – We will perform a comprehensive health history and eye exam to ensure you are a valid candidate. In addition, we will supply you with plenty of information about the procedure and its risks so you are fully prepared for the day.
  • Recovery – Recovery time is different for everyone. That’s why we make sure we’re an active part of facilitating your recovery. Within 48 hours of your procedure, we will contact you to make sure everything is progressing properly, as well as answer any questions you may have. Although there is no hard and fast rule, you should be able to return to work within 1-2 days. Bear in mind that it may be a matter of months before your eyes are fully healed.Be aware that while the vast majority of surgeries are highly successful, there are possible side effects, not least that you may suffer from over or undercorrection. Side effects can include:
    • Persistent blurred vision
    • Mild pain
    • Infection and increased dry eye symptoms (both are very rare)

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