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Eye Exams with Nicola Eye Care in Kamloops

We work with families from across Kamloops and the surrounding area to ensure good lifelong vision and eye health. A comprehensive eye exam is the backbone of our preventative eye care routine.

Your comfort is our priority.

Adult Eye Exams

At Nicola Eye Care, we recommend having a comprehensive exam annually to help ensure we always stay on top of your eye health.

We work hard to provide Kamloops with an enjoyable eye care experience. Powered by high-tech equipment, our eye exams are completely non-invasive and designed with your comfort in mind.

A Kamloops Optometrist examines her patient during a routine eye exam

What You Can Expect From Nicola Eye Care

Honest, straightforward advice: No 2 eyes are the same. Informed by our exam results, our eye doctors will let you know of any concerns they have or what the appropriate next steps may be. Throughout our relationship, one thing that will remain true is our focus on your health and visual acuity.

A comprehensive, in-depth exam that screens for known diseases and conditions: Our eye care is focused on preventative detection and treatment of vision-threatening conditions. Our eye exams definitively screen for signs of all known eye diseases.

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Excellent Options for Improving Your Vision

Nearly 75% of North American adults wear glasses or contact lenses. All over the western world, rates of myopia (the most common refractive error) are increasing.

Our optometrists are experts in vision correction, specializing in both cutting-edge optics (using our in-house optical lab and eyeglass lens edger) and contact lens fittings.

Find Your Style in Our Optical Boutique

We carry over 1200 optical frames in-stock and are ready for our patients to try on. No matter your face shape, skin tone, or sense of style, we promise to make the selection process fun and exciting.

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Eye exam fees

What happens during my eye exam?

What about contact lenses?

How do I know which contact lenses will work best for me?

Can’t I just order contact lenses online without a prescription?

Two kids play as they wait for their kids eye exam in Kamloops at Nicola Eye Care

Childrens Eye Exams

The Nicola Eye Care practice has been serving local families for generations, and we continue to provide the finest, most advanced pediatric eye care in the area. Children’s eyes are not the same as adults, and they require special attention. One exam every 12 months is all it takes.

Since 80% of what children learn in school is visual, regular eye exams can also help prevent vision problems from impacting their academic development. According to The Canadian Association of Optometrists, children should have their first annual eye exam between 6 and 9 months old. However, if you are concerned about your children’s vision, it’s best to bring them in sooner.

A team member at Nicola Eye Care explores options for a children's eye glasses in their Kamloops location


When you take your child to our practice for an eye exam, we look for potential vision problems and ocular health risks by asking questions and running tests. At the end of the exam, we’ll recommend the next steps for treating or managing any issues we’ve uncovered.

Eye health exams can be scary for children, much like dental appointments. Since good eye health is critical to any child’s development and learning, we’ve designed a beautiful office space where children feel relaxed and at home. Children are often unaware of any problems with their visual acuity (eyesight), and so we implement a range of tests which examine:

  • The whole visual field (is there any trouble with peripheral vision?)
  • Focusing ability
  • Eye teaming
  • Ability to track
  • Corneal shape (astigmatism)
  • If a prescription is required
  • Eye health is as it should be (are my child’s eyes developing properly?)
  • If screen time is affecting growth and development


How much does it cost for a children’s eye exam?

How old does my child need to be to have an eye exam?

A man in plaid shops for glasses in Kamloops at Nicola Eye Care

Seniors Eye Exams

We’ve been providing exceptional eye care to our patients for over 60 years, and we’ve learnt to be extra-vigilant about eye health in older generations. Since our bodies naturally get weary over the years, we become more susceptible to visual problems as we age.

Even if your eyesight appears totally fine, some diseases can manifest with no observable symptoms and a once-a-year eye exam – which only takes 60 minutes – is the best and only way to detect them before they cause lasting changes to your vision.

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What to Expect from Seniors Eye Exams

We are an experienced practice, and we never miss a chance to upgrade our equipment in order to detect sight threatening eye diseases before vision loss occurs. Everything we use at Nicola Eye Care is useful, effective, and of the highest technology available:

  • Optomap California
  • Humphrey Field Analyzer 3
  • Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – Model 500
  • Nidek 530P OPD Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer, Corneal Analyzer, and Refractive Power Analyzer
  • Nidek Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter
  • Oculus Keratograph 5M Corneal Topographer, Keratometer, and Meibography

This technology allows us to make faster, more accurate diagnoses than ever before, while maintaining the non-invasive and safe nature of our exams. Your eye health is our absolute priority.

More Information about our technology

Optomap California

Oculus Keratograph 5M

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3

Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherence Tomography

Nidek 530P OPD Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer

Nidek Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter

An optometrist performs a diabetic eye exam on a new patient

Diabetic Eye Exams

If you are diabetic, it is critical that you take active control over your eye care – diabetes can cause a vision-threatening illness called diabetic retinopathy (which only affects those living with diabetes).

We offer a eye exams designed to: Examine the retina for any signs of diabetic retinopathy, assess visual acuity (i.e. how well you see), quantify the stage and severity of diabetic retinopathy, if applicable, and recommend any treatment or lifestyle advice necessary to manage the condition.

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Has it been more than 1 year since your last screening?

Arrange an eye health exam with our practice right away – you may not notice any symptoms of diabetic eye disease before your vision is quite compromised. Diabetic retinopathy can virtually destroy your vision if left untreated.

Screening allows us to diagnose early, which means we can initiate effective treatment and management plans before your vision becomes irrevocably hampered.

Since around 40% of people with diabetes are likely to experience a degree of retinopathy, an eye health exam which reveals no ocular health issues can take a load off your mind, helping you manage the disease with one less thing to worry about.

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