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Seniors Eye Exams

We’ve been providing exceptional eye care to our patients for over 60 years, and we’ve learnt to be extra-vigilant about eye health in older generations. Since our bodies naturally get weary over the years, we become more susceptible to visual problems as we age.

Even if your eyesight appears totally fine, some diseases can manifest with no observable symptoms and a once-a-year eye exam – which only takes 60 minutes – is the best and only way to detect them before they cause lasting changes to your vision.

We are an experienced practice, and we never miss a chance to upgrade our equipment in order to detect sight threatening eye diseases before vision loss occurs. Everything we use at Nicola Eye Care is useful, effective and top of the range.

  • We use the industry’s top brands –
    • Optomap Daytona
    • Humphrey 750 Visual Field
    • Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
    • Nidek OPD Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer, Corneal Topographer and Vision Function
    • Nidek Non Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter
    • Medmont Corneal Topographer
    • OPD III Corneal Analyzer

This technology allows us to make faster, more accurate diagnoses than ever before, while maintaining the non-invasive and safe nature of our exams. Your eye health is our absolute priority.

How We Conduct Our Senior-Specific Exam

Even perfectly healthy eyes will start to struggle one day – it’s only natural. We can quickly assess how well you are seeing (your visual acuity) and compute a new prescription for eyeglasses or lenses. Gaps in your eyesight can also indicate serious diseases.

Our comprehensive eye health exam covers the surface of your eye, right through to the macula and optic nerve at its rear. Advanced imaging and magnification tools can make cells a hundred times smaller than a human hair easily visible.

Most eye diseases form very slowly. Our quick exam is sufficient to identify these diseases months, perhaps years, before symptoms normally show. For age-related macular degeneration, early detection can prevent serious vision loss or blindness.

Keeping Your Eyes Young

Don’t be surprised if your stalwart eyes eventually start struggling with small print or low light. There are many ways to compensate for refractive errors, and calculating your prescription is all part of the exam process.

  • Wide selection of frames on-site – The optical dispensary at Nicola currently holds 1200+ pairs of eyeglasses, covering a wide breadth of styles and fashions. See our optical brands.
  • Personalised lenses – Whatever your prescription, our on-site optical manufacturing lab can cut your custom lenses within moments.
  • Laser corrective surgery – There’s no upper age limit for LASIK procedures, but the risk of side effects can increase for older patients. Arrange a laser eye surgery consultation to find out if you are a valid candidate and to discuss your options

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You can find us on the corner of St. Paul Street and 3rd Avenue. We are 3 blocks down 3rd Avenue from Royal Inland Hospital, towards downtown. Our office is across the street from the Telus Store and Stuart Wood school yard (where the summer Farmer’s Market is on Saturdays).

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