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Grow Your Own Thick & Long Eyelashes With Latisse

For most of us, nothing says feminine beauty like long, fluttering eyelashes. With so many lash enhancement products available, we could spend endless time and money trying to get the ideal eyelashes. But how do you know which products are dangerous, which ones are effective, and which ones are just an empty promise?

There’s one product that’s product that’s medically safe and scientifically proven to produce longer, darker, thicker eyelashes. That product is Latisse, and it’s available at Nicola Eye Care.


Try Latisse & Start Growing Fuller Eyelashes

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What is Latisse?

Latisse is a simple at-home lash growth treatment that you can apply yourself. This treatment is not makeup; it’s a real medical treatment, and as such, is only available by prescription.

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How Does Latisse Compare to Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions

Some people choose to have eyelash extensions applied; giving them the illusion of longer, fuller lashes. These extensions (usually made of nylon, silk, or mink) are individually glued to your eyelashes. Many people choose this solution because it only takes only an hour or two; however, it can be hazardous to your eye health.

Although eyelash technicians are usually trained in the application process, Canada does not have any regulations dictating who is or isn’t qualified to apply lashes, or what products they can or can’t use. As a result, your eye is vulnerable to potentially unpracticed hands and infection.


Latisse has a solid foundation of medical research and background behind it and can only be prescribed by a licensed optometrist. It is totally safe when used as directed.

On top of that, Latisse isn’t artificial; it enhances your own lashes by stimulating your body’s natural growth process. As a result, you’re left with longer, darker, and more natural looking lashes because they are natural!

Your eyelashes go through a natural growth cycle; they sprout, they grow to a certain length and thickness, they remain the same size for a while, and then they eventually fall out.

Latisse works by stimulating your eyelashes natural growth process; encouraging more to sprout, and lengthening the growth phase of the cycle. Because your lashes are given more time to grow with Latisse, they become longer and thicker than they normally would.

You’ll probably notice longer, thicker lashes after 2 months of regular Latisse applications.

You should apply Latisse every night (for the first few months. Your doctor may recommend less frequent treatments as time goes on) after you have removed your makeup and contact lenses.

Using one of the disposable applicators that came with your Latisse, gently dab the solution on the very base of your eyelashes on your top eyelid only. As you blink, the solution will disperse itself evenly, coating your bottom lashes as well as your top lashes.

Once you’ve finished the application, be sure to dispose of the applicator. Do not reuse any applicators.


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