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Emergency Eye Care Services

Emergency Eye Care Services

Emergency Eye Care For When it Matters

At Nicola Eye Care, nothing matters more to us than your eyes. When the unexpected happens, we will be there for assessment, diagnosis and to provide treatment as soon as you need it.

700 Canadians suffer eye-related injuries every day in the workplace alone. If you have endured a trauma and are concerned for your eye health or vision, contact us immediately and we’ll arrange an emergency appointment.

Loss of Sight? Act Now.

With eye injuries, loss of sight is very rarely recoverable. If your eyesight shows black spots or simply does not extend as far as usual, you should visit our practice or the local emergency room as soon as possible. The sooner an expert can examine your condition, the higher the chances of making some recovery.

Emergency Eye Care Services

Experiencing Any Problems With Your Eyesight?

The problem with eye injuries is that they are not always obvious; they can also be caused by much less severe trauma than you may expect. A simple knock to the head could cause a concussion (without falling unconscious) or activate another problem.

If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms recently, they could be latent – but dangerous – aftereffects from an innocuous past injury:

  • Black spots or patches
  • Flashes (“seeing stars”)
  • Tunnel vision
  • Sudden eye pain
  • Red, inflamed or painful eyelids
  • Blurry or hazy vision

Emergency Eye Care Services

Workplace Injury Prevention

The manufacturing, chemicals and construction-based industries are most prone to eye injuries, by nature of the work involved. In order to minimise the risk - and over 90% of workplace eye injuries are completely avoidable - it’s important to wear the right protective specialty eyewear


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You can find us on the corner of St Paul St and 3rd Ave. We are 3 blocks down 3rd Ave from Royal Inland Hospital, towards downtown. Our office is across the street from the Telus Store and Stuart Wood school yard (where the summer Farmer’s Market is on Saturdays).


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