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Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

Do You Know About Speciality Lenses?

The benefits of using contact lenses are not always about vision correction. Dry eye, for example, can be treated using scleral lenses. These have a larger surface area than normal contacts and have a moisture-reservoir, helping to lubricate the eye.

Similarly, gas permeable, multi-focal and orthokeratology lenses are all possible ways to implement myopia control, to help treat nearsightedness.

If you’re suffering from any condition or having discomfort with your eyes, contact us – eye care is our world, and you’d be amazed at what we can do to improve your eye health.

Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

How Eye Health Affects Contact Lenses

Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition caused by a lack of moisture in the eye. It causes redness, itchiness and possibly inflammation, and irritation is often increased by using lenses.

Our exam will screen for any other diseases which may cause discomfort or inhibit your use of lenses. We can also make recommendations for speciality lenses which help retain moisture, or treat underlying conditions and fit contact lenses in the future.

Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

Thinking About Lenses? Get a Contact Lens Exam First!

Switching from frames to contact lenses can do wonders for your lifestyle – they’re convenient, inexpensive and can now be made to correct most refractive errors.

However, not all eyes are created equal and a quick contact lens exam will help inform us on a few crucial factors:

  • Whether your eye health will allow lenses
  • Your new prescription, which is different from your eyeglasses
  • How your lifestyle affects your options
  • The ideal fit based on your eye shape, size, and curvature

  • Eye health - Lenses are about living well, and good eye health will make that even easier. We assess every part of your eye, looking for tell-tale signs of diseases or abnormalities.
  • Visual acuity - Any unexpected gaps in your eyesight? We’ll let you know, and create a precise prescription to bring your sight back to 20:20.
  • Optimum comfort - The eye is a very sensitive organ, and when aggravated it makes the entire body feel tired and irritable. Tailored lenses will fit seamlessly onto the eye and you’ll barely know they’re there.
  • Lifestyle-oriented lenses - Lenses can be daily, weekly or long-term. Your doctor will lead an in-depth discussion about your lifestyle and habits, before recommending the ideal lens type for you.

There’s no sense hanging around - once we have your prescription, you’ll take a pair of lenses home that same day to test. We’ll also teach you how to insert and remove them without hurting your eye!


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You can find us on the corner of St Paul St and 3rd Ave. We are 3 blocks down 3rd Ave from Royal Inland Hospital, towards downtown. Our office is across the street from the Telus Store and Stuart Wood school yard (where the summer Farmer’s Market is on Saturdays).


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