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Our Children’s Eye Exams Are Friendly, Safe and Thorough

The Nicola Eye Care practice has been serving local families for generations, and we continue to provide the finest, most advanced pediatric eye care in the area. Children’s eyes are not the same as adults, and they require special attention.

One exam every 12 months is all it takes.

An Easy-Going Atmosphere

Eye health exams can be scary for children, much like dental appointments. Since good eye health is critical to any child’s development and learning, we’ve designed a beautiful office space where children feel relaxed and at home.

What to Expect from the Exam

We are immensely proud of our ability to cater to all ages, and part of that success is due to creating tailored exam routines for all each groups.

Assessment of Eyesight

Children are often unaware of any problems with their visual acuity (eyesight), and so we implement a range of tests which examine:

  • The whole visual field (is there any trouble with peripheral vision?)
  • Focusing ability
  • Eye teaming
  • Corneal shape (astigmatism)

Unfortunately there are very few eye diseases which only target adults, and children are at risk of developing cataracts or glaucoma (among others) as early as birth. Our advanced eye care technology (like the Nidek OPD Scan III and Otomap Daytona) allows us to administer high-tech procedures like wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography, ocular coherence tomography, lenticular retroillumination and wide angle digital retinal imaging. These procedures can identify any disease, even in the earliest stage, and immediately recommend the next step in treating or managing the condition.

Refractive errors are increasing common in today’s children, and our practice is uniquely placed to not only compute an accurate prescription, but also to design and manufacture the perfect lenses in-store.

We also stock a huge variety of eyewear brands, of all shapes and sizes – there are currently over 1,200 different models on-site!

Vision Treatment Tailored for Kids

The number of children diagnosed with myopia is on the rise. This condition causes a continuous lengthening of the eye, resulting in gradually degenerative focusing ability for distant objects – nearsightedness.

Myopia control is centered around slowing (or halting) this growth. There are various methods currently being implemented, including the use of specialized contact lenses which reshape the cornea overnight. This treatment is completely reversible.

Learn more about myopia control and what we can do to help your child see a better world.

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You can find us on the corner of St. Paul Street and 3rd Avenue. We are 3 blocks down 3rd Avenue from Royal Inland Hospital, towards downtown. Our office is across the street from the Telus Store and Stuart Wood school yard (where the summer Farmer’s Market is on Saturdays).

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