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Comprehensive eye exams are extremely importance in ensuring that a patient’s visual system is working fine and that the patient is in good ocular health.  This is accomplished by performing several tests and procedures such as checking visual acuity, assessing binocular vision status in patients, determining what your prescription for glasses and contact lenses is, and using diagnostic lenses to completely assess a patient’s ocular health.  During a comprehensive eye exam, our doctors check for eye diseases and conditions that may be affecting your vision now or those that may lead to problems in the future.  Preventing and treating conditions that may impact your vision is important in ensuring that you always have good eye sight.
Annual eye exams are recommended for those 18 years of age and under and seniors over the age of 65, and every 2 years for those between 19 and 64 years of age.


Contact lenses can be very effective in correcting vision.  Significant improvements have been made in contact lenses making them an excellent option for many people.  At Nicola Eye Care we provide one on one training with a qualified contact lens technician to ensure that patients will have the skills and knowledge they will require to wear contact lenses safely.  We offer contact lenses for those who require single vision correction, for those needing multifocal correction, and even astigmatism correction.  Recent research is also showing that fitting specific contact lenses can also control myopia (nearsightedness) progression in younger patients.  This is an area in which our doctors take great interest in as myopia becomes more prevalent in the younger population


Orthokeratology is the use of a rigid gas permeable contact lens typically worn while sleeping to reshape the cornea in such a way that glasses or contact lenses are not need during the day.  It is a great alternative to wearing glasses or even refractive laser eye surgery.  At Nicola Eye Care, we have state of the art technology in mapping the corneal shape with a corneal topographer making this technique a safe alternative for our patients.


At Nicola Eye Care, our doctors are all able to perform pre-operative assessments required by refractive surgeons to ensure that those patients interested in refractive surgery are safe candidates for all of the major refractive surgery techniques such as Lasik, PRK and intralase SBK.
Post-operative care after laser surgery is extremely important to ensure proper healing of the cornea. All of the necessary post-operative visits can be done at Nicola Eye Care.


Glaucoma is a condition in which intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve in the eye leading to loss of peripheral vision and even blindness.  Glaucoma is most often asymptomatic, which means regular eye exams are vital in detecting glaucoma.  Intraocular pressures and digital retinal photography are performed at every comprehensive eye exam allowing our optometrists to check for glaucoma.  If further analysis is required than the initial screening, we are able to do more in depth testing specifically checking the patient’s peripheral vision with a Humphrey Visual Field analyzer and also by doing a test called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).  An OCT test allows us to analyze the optic nerve in a very detailed manner in which the thickness of the optic nerve tissue can be measured and then tracked over time to see if the optic nerve is being damaged.  Visual field testing has been around for many years and can be done at most clinics.  OCT testing is the latest in technology in diagnosing and managing glaucoma and is not found in many practices.


Macular degeneration is an eye disease that affects the part of the retina responsible for your sharp central vision.  Early stages of macular degeneration are often asymptomatic, meaning that regular eye exams are necessary to detect macular degeneration.  At Nicola eye Care, once macular degeneration has been detected we are able to check for changes through very detailed testing with the use of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).  OCT analyzes the macula and shows a very detailed scan of the layers of the macula allowing our optometrists to detect changes in macular degeneration that may require immediate care from a retina specialist.

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